Adserver (campaign management)

Adserver is a web-based tool that can be used by publishers, networks and advertisers to help with ad management, campaign management and ad trafficking. Adserver enables serving of ads, management of campaigns, management of delivery rules (such as frequency capping, URL targeting, geo-targeting etc.), tracking and reporting of campaign performance and rates and other ad-decision related functionalities. Castoola Adserver is there to serve publishers and can also act as a supply-side platform (SSP). Furthermore, Castoola Adserver can be expanded to support connection with SSP (supply-side platform), DSP (demand-side platform) platforms and Ad exchanges.

DMP (data management platform)

DMP is a data warehouse (very often refers as Big Data) that collects and organizes data from a variety of data sources (CRM, Recommendation Engines and others) and makes it available to other platforms such as Adservers and Ad exchanges to be used for targeted advertising, personalisation, content customization, re-targeting, cross-device targeting and beyond.


Analytics gives publishers and agencies possibility to look into the viewing ratings of TV media and learn about the behavior of the audience. Using that information, they can adopt to the audience. Another dimension of Analytics is possibility to track and analyse users’ behavior in terms of in-app activities, advertisement engagement and other users’ activities that help agencies to segment audience and ensure better targeting goals.

Client API

Client API is there to enable communication between end customers (TV devices and set-top-boxes) and different modules of Addressable TV eco-system. It enables serving of ads, logging of advertising-related actions, logging of viewers’ watching behavior and collection of unstructured data.

3rd party services support

Support and integration of 3rd-party services and solutions such as CRMs, Recommendation engines, DMPs and Digital advertising platforms.

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