NN Hayat ve Emeklilik

Country Turkey
TV Channel TV8
Ad format L-Banner & Microsite



Total impressions


CTR (%)

NH Hayat ve Emeklilik

Addressable TV campaign on TV8 in which the client was targeting audience from Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Campaign was active during reality show Survivor and was promoting insurance services.

Viewers were served with the L-banner after the switch-in to the TV channel and got possibility to press red button and enter the microsite providing more details of the promotion.

Other showcases

BMW4 campaign
Interactive microsite
Country: Turkey
TV channel: TV8
Interactive HbbTV advertising campaign on TV8 for BMW4 where viewers were able to enter their phone number to be contacted afterwards.
Raid the cage campaign
Interactive microsite
Country: Hungary
TV channel: TV2
First HbbTV advertising campaign in Hungary. Viewers of reality show “Raid the Cage” on the TV2 were able to press red button and play a game to enter the prize pool.
Coca Cola campaign
Switch-in Video & Microsite
Country: Austria
TV channel: Welt der Wunder TV
Programamatic HbbTV advertising campaign on Welt der Wunder TV for Coca Cola in cooperation with Goldbach Group.
Renault campaign
Interactive microsite
Country: Turkey
TV channel: TV8
Interactive advertising campaign in which advertiser was targeting audience from Turkey to promote new Renault Megan Sedan.

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