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Castoola consists of leading-edge interdisciplinary experts and developers, ranging from Digital broadcasting engineers, system integration specialists, media industry specialists, applications developers and UI/UX developers.

Concept and strategy


Co-create ideas and validate concepts for new services, while taking into the consideration both of business and technical aspects.



Design and development of web, mobile,TV and hybrid applications according to the latest HbbTV and other corresponding specifications.



Help with planning, execution and monitoring of advertising campaigns, including new ad format development and creative design.

Company details

Ljubljana office:
Brnčičeva ulica 45, 1231 Ljubljana
Slovenia, EU

Murska Sobota office:
Plese 9a, 9000 Murska Sobota
Slovenia, EU

Company details:
VAT ID: SI49756559
IBAN: SI56 1010 0005 3811 812
Phone: +386 2 530 82 02

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Our highly trusted and reliable partners are the key of our success on both of commercial and technical side of our business. With the specific added value they add to our service, we are able to guarantee best possible outcome for our clients at every single occasion.

Are you a distributor, agency, re-seller, technical solution provider or any other type of business partner, complementary with us and willing to cooperate?

Drop us a line and let’s explore the possibilities together.


Open job: Android Developer

If you are interested in becoming a part of a collaborative team with a vision of creating and shaping the future of television, look no further than Castoola. We are seeking for Android developers


You will be participating in developing of Android TV applications and test cases. Additionally, you will be responsible for a quality of the final product.

Required Qualifications:

  • knowledge of Java
  • knowledge of Android SDK
  • experience in developing applications for Android
  • experience in quality assurance, unit-testing, standard coding practices
  • experience with version control systems (GIT, SVN, Mercurial)
  • active knowledge of Slovenian and English

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