& TV Operators

Monetize your media with Castoola+

Connected TVs and cutting-edge technological developments are transforming the TV industry. They have made it possible to develop innovative digital technologies that run on top of linear TV. One such technology is Addressable TV, which enables ad personalization and the targeting of specific viewer profiles.

With Addressable TV, broadcasters and TV operators can:

  • Tap into a whole new revenue stream,
  • Improve the user experience,
  • Cut channel switching during ads by up to 48%.


Advertisers & Agencies

Next-generation TV advertising

Addressable TV reduces the cost of TV advertising and grants competitive advantage. This is especially the case with new-to-TV brands, who have recorded significant business growth through the use of Addressable TV advertising.

Advertisers and agencies can leverage Addressable TV to:

  • Boost viewer attentiveness by 35% and ad engagement by 21%,
  • Enhance ad conversion rates by up to 30%,
  • Increase spontaneous ad recall by 10%,
  • Improve purchase intent by 7%.

About Castoola

Your go-to provider of Addressable TV

We are a team of experts specialized in targeted TV advertising. With our industry know-how and the help of our technology partners, we bring Addressable TV to all TV environments: IPTV, OTT and DVB-S/T/C (HbbTV).

This allows advertisers to segment viewers based on various demographic, geographic, frequential and timeframe factors to deliver personalized ads on top of linear TV.

Using programmatic advertising, such automated ad delivery enables higher conversion rates, increases brand awareness and aids in optimizing the entire campaign execution process to achieve a greater ROI.

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