TV advertising never played a big role in TV operators’ strategy. Till now.

With the evolution of technology and TV services going more into a digital environment, TV operators gained a new opportunity for a totally new revenue stream. Viewer’s experience is not just tied to linear one-way communication. TV operators are sitting on a huge field of viewers’ data and inventory, and why not taking part in the advertising gold rush?

+ Monetize live and on-demand multiscreen video with relevant advertising products. Operators are the inventory owners and it is time to monetize the advertising space with targeted advertising. It is a new business opportunity as an inventory owner and seller

+ Integrating service with current linear TV and VOD

+ Upsell and cross-sell products and services. Service providers are usually offering triple or quadruple play to their customers. With CRM integration you have deep insights into their preferences, buying habits, or current status. Offer them solutions to their needs.

+ Upgrading subscription packages.

+ Content promotion. It´s not just about advertising, it is about the user experience. One of the biggest frustration is search for the right content and you can promote tailor-made content suggestions to your viewers.

+ Collaboration with broadcaster with reducing their pain – time shift. 70% of TV viewers are using the time shift function to skip ads. Make better deals with TV broadcaster and make a broader advertising ecosystem with pre-roll ads to relieve the broadcaster pain.

+ New subscription model – AVOD or FAST.