Castoola is one of Slovenia’s top 10 innovative companies, as recognized by the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia (GZS). Among 207 companies competing for this prestigious title, only 10 companies received a gold award for their excellence in innovation, and Castoola is one of them. The Gold Award for the best innovations represents the highest recognition for the innovative achievements of Slovenian companies.

Castoola - zlata nagrada za inovativnost
Castoola is the gold innovator of the year, as recognised by the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia

Castoola received one of ten gold national awards for innovation. This highly renowned title is a confirmation that innovation and creativity are the hallmarks of the winners. Innovation is a core value of Castoola, whose vision is to become a co-creator of future trends in the television advertising industry.

Castoola is a pioneer in the field of “Addressable” TV advertising in Slovenia. Our platform is an innovation that empowers advertisers, TV operators and broadcasters with targeted TV advertising as we know it in the digital world. We provide interactive, targeted and measurable ads tailored to the viewer in a TV environment. The quintessence of Castoola’s platform is to bring TV ads closer to the viewer and thus offer advertisers a higher ROI of their TV campaigns.

Castoola - zlata nagrada za inovativnost
Castoola received a gold award for innovation

At the award ceremony Matej Puhan, Castoola’s Sales Director, said: “Knowledge and innovation are the essences of Castoola’s genome, and with this in mind, the national gold award for innovation is a great honour for the entire development team. Being recognized as one of the most innovative companies in Slovenia is an affirmation that innovation is not only part of a long-term vision of our company, but instead our modus operandi in everyday life. When competing in the global marketplace, innovation is a necessity to keep up with the competition. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, it is the market that evaluates your innovation.”

Puhan added: “We see this prestigious award as an incentive to our future endeavours and at the same time as a testimony that also the Pomurje region has a great potential for the development of high-tech companies, such as Castoola. Our own knowledge and development are what enables the company to achieve high added value and places our platform alongside the most prominent global Addressable TV advertising platforms.”