M:tel subscribers enter into a new world of interactivity on TVCG channels

Ljubljana, Slovenia – October, 2019 – One of the leading Addressable TV solutions & HbbTV services providers, Castoola, has launched HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) portal developed for M:tel Montenegro. HbbTV technology is enriching the interactivity for the viewers and increasing the stickiness and engagement with the M:tel viewers. It is bringing viewers UX at a higher level.

With the press on the red button, M:tel subscribers can enter into a new world of interactivity on TVCG channels and M:tel is the first company in Montenegro offering this kind of service. About 60% of 80.000 subscribers are using smart TVs, and with a good market penetration of smart TVs offered by M:tel, the potential is getting higher and higher every day. With M:tel HbbTV portal, Castoola has combined the best of breeds from linear TV and internet connectivity. The solution is bringing new content to the viewer, and in the future, it would be used for targeted and personalized advertising on TV.


About M:tel:

M:tel company was granted a license for the third telecom operator in Montenegro in April 2007. The structure of m:tel owners is the following: 51% belongs to Telekom Srbija and 49% to Telecom of the Republic of Srpska.

Mission of m:tel company is to become a significant telecom operator, recognized not only for its quality service, affordable prices, friendly, open relationship with its customers, but also for its leading role in introducing new technologies and services. Key values of the company are commitment, trust and innovation. Employees are strategic resource of the company. The importance of professional and well-organized team has been recognized as a key factor of success.

As a socially responsible company, m:tel wants to participate actively in the daily progress of the Montenegrin society, contributing to the development of the community, therefore the company provides special support for social, cultural, educational, health and sports programs and initiatives.


About Castoola:

Castoola is a team of experts specialized in targeted TV advertising. Utilizing the widely accepted HbbTV standard, they bring Addressable TV to IPTV, OTT, and DVB-S/T/C in order to provide a new generation of TV advertising solutions. This allows advertisers to segment viewers based on various demographic, geographic, frequential and timeframe factors and delivers personalized ads on top of linear TV. But it’s not just advertisers and agencies who can reap the benefits of Addressable TV.

Broadcasters and TV operators can make use of the technology to improve the UX and unlock an entirely new revenue stream. Using programmatic advertising, such automated ad delivery enables higher conversion rates, increases brand awareness and aids in optimizing the entire campaign execution process to achieve a greater ROI.