DConnect innovative solutions are an opportunity for efficiency that companies are adopting rapidly.

Earlier this year, Castoola and Discovery Media signed a partnership for adv campaigns in Addressable TV mode with HbbTV technology: Activity called DConnect. The mutual goal is to transform linear TV advertising to Addressable TV level. The purpose is to simplify the management of data and allow user profiling and targeting.

The DConnect, commercial solution that has been gradually strengthening its position on the Italian market since July 2018, is able to offer brands the maximum possible customization in a simple and clear way, through effective measures that allow them to achieve the required objectives.

With DConnect it’s easy to quickly reach the desired audience, through algorithms that optimize the timely distribution of the interactive spot at the selected target, not only for demographic but behavioral traits also.

Therefore, the users of DConnect have a better experience with these new technologies, accesses them with simplicity and realizes the benefits and added value that these activities bring.

In just a few months, Discovery’s 5 FTA channels (Nove, Real Time, Dmax, Giallo, Motor Trend) have been seen by more than a million unique devices!

With Castoola platform, GDPR consents are taken care off, so DConnect is compliant to the latest EU regulations.

“Intelligent” contents, an exploratory audience, easy and certified access, a complete and complex process of precise positioning are the elements that have already made the Discovery Media and Castoola partnership a successful story.