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The ability to serve different ad content to different audience segments watching the same TV program on IPTV set-top boxes or connected TV sets, based on specific audience targeting. Personalized advertising content can be broadcast in real-time to different audience segments watching the same television program.

Connected TV covers all devices that offer multimedia support and can connect to the Internet such as video game consoles, Smart TVs or Blu-ray disc players. Connected television or CTV is the fusion between traditional television and computer technology since it integrates all Internet and web 2.0 functionalities.

When you buy inventory on an impression basis using automation, it’s called programmatic TV. Instead of utilizing ratings and Gross-Rating Points (GRPs) against a demographic to measure delivery, it uses set-top-box (STB) data to identify a particular audience. You programmatically purchase TV spots targeting this audience.

Advertising features




Campaign types


Incremental reach



When it comes to storytelling in marketing, there are two big things you want to focus on: emotional impact and relatability. In other words, when you’re telling your brand’s story, you need to tell it in a way that will connect you with your target audience.

The more people connect with a story, the more they remember it, so creating connections with your stories will help create lasting bonds and loyalty between your customers and your business.

Enhance your TV ads and increase your engagement with interactive campaigns that connect your brand and your viewers on the next level.

+ Awareness
+ Microsite
+ Click to video
+ Cross-device
+ Advanced targeting

Today, the most common use case for Addressable is achieving incremental reach. By understanding which households were exposed, or unexposed to a linear TV ad, advertisers can now find new audiences across TV viewers and fine-tune their media strategy to manage the frequency of ad served. Advertisers are on the mission: Search for “the light viewers”.

For the targeted adjustment of Addressable TV spots, Castoola uses conventional TV spots as a basis for retargeting: A cookie in the TV set registered whether the spot had already been shown on the TV. If not, it was dynamically integrated into the Addressable TV commercial break. The customers can therefore able to generate additional, incremental reach for their conventional TV campaigns and increase visibility accordingly.

Knowing a campaign’s incremental reach is important because it allows planners to allocate marketing spend in the most effectively and efficiently.

Different campaign types offer the possibility to serve your ad in specific households. It is a 1:1 advertising game on television. You can target your viewers based on the campaign objectives. Start targeting your viewers with targeting types like:

+ Frequency cap
+ Geo-targeting
+ By the hour and day
+ Content targeting
+ Retargeting
+ Linear spot enhancement

Analytics & measurement

The biggest benefit of all this is that marketers can use advanced data to produce more relevant ads. For example, an athletic shoe brand might run an audience-based television campaign that reaches football enthusiasts.

But that’s not where the promotional effort has to end. The sneaker brand can then take the insights to optimize the relevance of future campaigns, apply predictive analytics to maximize its ad spend, and deliver on the key performance indicators (KPIs) valued by company stakeholders.

Q & A

1. What is Addressable Advertising?

Addressable advertising is the first truly targeted approach to television marketing. This breakthrough in the industry allows brands to deliver different advertising to different viewers watching the same program. This provides a more personalized experience for both viewers and advertisers – and allows marketers to reach specific segments of viewers.

2. Are advertisers going addressable?

17% of advertisers are already making addressable TV ads a primary part of their media plan. Another 20-30% plan to invest in this medium in the future.

3. What is the Addressable TV currency.

It is based on CPM – cost per thousand.

4. How are my campaigns measured? 

Like traditional direct marketers, addressable TV advertisers can link transaction data to specific campaigns and ultimately determine the true return on advertising spend. We see this as a major trend when using ROI analysis rather than looking at the number of ads to determine the success of TV campaigns.

5. What types of ad formats are used?

We have a few options. The first is banner in TV operator UI, the second is pre/mid or post-roll in the time-shift mode of the content. With the dynamic ad insertion you can change the ad-block and make it more personalized and targeted.

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