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Better advertising via HbbTV will be more contextually fitting, or more targeted to the viewer. Ads may no longer have to interrupt the program. Instead, they can complement the video content, and allow immediate interaction (e.g. buy now/ find out more) if the viewers find the product interesting.

The advantages of programmatic have been known to internet advertisers for decades, but with HbbTV they are now possible on television.

Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) is a technology that allows advertisers to serve different ads to each viewer based on viewer audience insights and ad campaign performance. To compare with TV broadcast commercials where all viewers are served with the same ad. With the direct feedback loop that impression tracking provides, decisions and adjustments can be taken in real-time to optimize campaign performance.

The component responsible for taking these decisions is the ad server.

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Big Data

Big data provides numerous opportunities in the advertising industry as it can help navigate the biggest changing factor in the industry – customer behaviour.

Analytics can help media companies to solve decisions quickly such as which formats and channels do customers prefer, which content is likely to be consumed at which time and on what device, in order to develop personalized experiences. As it can also inform with regards to the constant shift in customer preferences, this enables a reduction in customer churn, establishment of alternative revenue channels along with the ability to increase customer acquisitions and retention via data intelligence.

Ultimately, big data creates an ecosystem where customer experiences are at the forefront. After all, the media advertising industry succeeds on the end-user experience it creates.



In Europe, GDPR came into force in May 2018, creating a specific framework to deal with targeted advertising. GDPR makes it more expensive to obtain opted-in third-party datasets and puts legal constraints on the collection of users’ consent. By complying with GDPR, TV operators agree that they will obtain permission from viewers to use their data. It also gives viewers the power to access, delete and stop sharing data.

Giving viewers more control over their data can actually benefit TV operators. It establishes trust between viewers and the TV operator. Additionally, it makes viewers more apt to watch ads. When someone watches an ad that they know is based on a respectful use of their data, their acceptance level of the ad increases.

Beyond regulatory challenges, there are business and technical challenges involved with collecting and analyzing television viewer data. TV operators have to make sure the targeted ad is relevant. This can be achieved by accurately collecting, analyzing, and match profiling viewer data. Operators can either collect viewer data themselves or from third parties. When collecting data internally, operators need to make sure the data collected is very high quality and accurate.

Operators can gain better insights by using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

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Deploying the
Adressable TV


Promoting the
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executing and reporting
on ad operations


Optimizing the
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Q & A

1. What is the business model for using the platform?

We offer two options – OPEX and CAPEX to bring our solution closer to you, we are flexible. To unlock your advertising potential, send us a message and we will contact you to provide you with a budgetary offer.

2. Do we need additional hardware?

In the case of on-premise deployment, you will need additional hardware. If going on cloud, no additional hardware is required. There is also a third solution with a hybrid solution. Contact our expert Uroš Žižek to explain all three scenarios.

3. Do you offer any services?

In Castoola there is an ad operations team where we prepare, execute and manage campaigns. In the end we also go deep into analytics, not only data, but we create a bigger picture also with non-numeric data.

The second service we offer is Ad sales. To unlock your new income, please contact our colleague Matej for more insights about Ad Sales.

4. Is your platform GDPR compliant?

We attach great importance to the protection of privacy and your data, therefore compliance with the GDPR regulations is a top priority for us. Advertisements will only be delivered to viewers who agree to it. By default we do not collect or store any personal data. Our platform is fully GDPR compliant. Furthermore, we ensure that all data is securely transmitted and stored and that no party who is not permitted to do so can access it.

5. Can your platform connect to a content recommendation engine and merge the data?

We can integrate with recommendation engines and merge the data from their service for more specific segmentation, all under strict GDPR data protection rules.

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