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If you cannot measure, you can´t manage it. Target, measure and analyze your TV ads.


Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV is a global initiative that aims to seamlessly blend TV broadcasts with internet content on connected TVs. Overlay content enrichment with high-resolution images and text and means for audience interaction. HbbTV can be delivered either over broadcast or an IP link, but due to the volume of data being transferred, especially in content-rich examples, it works best when utilizing broadcast and broadband networking combined.



Analyzing the inventory
potential and defining the
business model


Planning and
execution the
technical integration


with third party


Deploying the
Addressable TV


+ Create incremental revenue opportunities
+ Entice buyers by offering targetable ads that bring addressability to linear TV
+ Make data-driven decisions with real-time viewership and analytics
+ Innovative Ad Formats
+ Increase the reach and impact of traditional TV campaigns
+ Maximize ROI by making traditional TV targetable
+ Increase engagement with creative ad units, dynamic content and red button applications

Targeting & data


Awareness Campaign


Simple Targeting


Advance Targeting


Retargeting and storytelling

Analyse statistical data and take data-driven approach to engage with your audience. We enable you to gather 1st party data, combine it with program schedules and users behaviour, and take advantage of various targeting possibilities.


Q & A

1. Where is it possible deploy Addressable TV solution for broadcasters?

Our Addressable TV solution for broadcasters is based on HbbTV technology, which can be implemented on all DVB-T/S/C networks. We also support the broadcasters’ OTT platform with the Addressable TV solution.

2. What needs to be done to enable the platform and how long does the integration process take?

Our platform for broadcasters is being set up on two levels:

  • Establishment of broadcast signalization
  • Set up and configuration of the Castoola platform


Engineers from Castoola will help to make the whole process as smooth as possible. The integration process usually takes up to 1 month.

3. Is your platform GDPR compliant?

We attach great importance to the protection of privacy and your data, therefore compliance with the GDPR regulations is a top priority for us. Advertisements will only be delivered to viewers who agree to it. By default we do not collect or store any personal data. Our platform is fully GDPR compliant. Furthermore, we ensure that all data is securely transmitted and stored and that no party who is not permitted to do so can access it.

4. How can we monetise campaigns?

This can be done directly with your Ad Sales team or programmatically through the ad exchange, where publishers meet with advertisers and agree on a price for displaying their ads. Castoola can take care of all three cases.

5. How many TV sets can I reach?

We will test your potential reach. In most European countries almost all connected TV devices are compatible with the HbbTV standard. Give us a shout and we will be happy to help you.

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