HbbTV applications

Make your TV channel interactive with TV applications and provide your viewers unique experience.

Castoola can help broadcasters with development of different kind of applications and services, such as TV portals, Video-on-Demand, Rich EPG, Social Media and other TV program supporting information.

HbbTV applications

Addressable TV

Take advantage of the technology and bring digital advertising to the linear TV to create new revenue streams for your media. Broadcasters can now monetize their viewing time in a better way, enabled by advantages of Addressable TV.

Castoola will help you with:

1. chosing the right ad format and strategy
2. preparation of advertising campaigns
3. execution and reporting

HbbTV advertising

Monitor your TV channel

Take a look into the viewing ratings of your channel and learn about the behaviour of your audience. They will help you respond to their habits and adopt to them.

Calculate your Advertising Revenue!

Dive into Addressable TV advertising and create additional revenue stream. Select your daily reach, choose the right format and specify frequency cap. All the answer to your advertising revenue potential are one click away!

Do you want to keep your audience awake and start engaging with them?

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