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TV Operators

Server-Side Dynamic Ad Insertion is the technology where the ads are inserted in the video stream providing a seamless transition between content and ads. To compare with Client-Side Dynamic Ad Insertion where a separate video player playing the ad is placed on top of the paused content video player.

One benefit with Server-Side DAI is that the integration with the ad server is implemented in one single place and not all viewer applications need to be updated if changes need to be made to that integration.

Client-Side Ad Insertion (CSAI) is the traditional method of inserting advertisements into an online video. Through this method, advertisements and videos are served separately to the video stream and integrated into the video on the client-side.

The benefit of CSAI is that it is easy to implement and integrate. As it has direct contact with the ad server it also allows advertisers to better track metrics. Client-side advertisements are especially useful for video-on-demand, since advertisements in the stream (inserted on the server-side) can be easily skipped.



Analyzing the inventory
potential and defining the
business model


Planning and
execution the
technical integration


with third party


Deploying the
Addressable TV


+ Create incremental revenue opportunities
+ Entice buyers by offering targetable ads that bring addressability to linear TV
+ Make data-driven decisions with real-time viewership and analytics
+ Innovative Ad Formats
+ Increase the reach and impact of traditional TV campaigns
+ Maximize ROI by making traditional TV targetable
+ Increase engagement with creative ad units, dynamic content and red button applications

Targeting & data


Awareness Campaign


Simple Targeting


Advance Targeting


Retargeting and story telling

Maximize outcome from your subscribers. Castoola platform enables you to harmonize data from variety of data sources such as operator CRM, recommendation engines and users behaviour to create strategy for efficient targeting and delivery of commercial and in-house campaigns.


Q & A

1. Can you integrate Addressable TV platform with our CRM?

Certainly, this is always one of the main objectives for the operators in every project. Valuable data from CRM can help to enable advanced targeting options, such as targeting subscribers with a specific subscription package or geolocation.

2. Where is it possible to deploy Addressable TV solution for operators?

Our Addressable TV solution for operators can be used in all types of networks, including IPTV, OTT and DVB-T/S/C (HbbTV).

3. Do we need additional hardware?

In the case of on-site premise deployment, you will need additional hardware. When you go to the cloud, no additional hardware is required. There is also a third solution with a hybrid solution. Contact us to explain all three scenarios.

4. Do you serve and deliver ads via SSAI (server-side ad insertion ) or CSAI (client-side ad insertion )?

We support both. Together with the customer we find the right approach for each project separately and design the technical solution. Usually, we enable the serving of Display Ads (banner within the user interface) by client-side ad insertion, while we recommend the implementation of server-side ad insertion for Video Ads.

5. What is DAI (Dynamic Ad Insertion) and how does it work?

DAI (Dynamic Ad Insertion) is a technology that enables the insertion of targeted ads into linear or on-demand content using a process called “stream manipulation” on the server side. Our solution is compatible with and integrates with the DAI components of all major industry vendors by implementing standardized VAST and VMAP protocols for single and multiple video ad delivery.

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