HbbTV Catch-up

Offer your subscribers a possibility to shift time back and take a look at the missed programme. Castoola can help you with development and integration of Catch up, Startover or any other type of time shift functionality.

HbbTV Catch-up

Monitor your TV network

Take a look into the cross-channel viewing ratings over your TV network with modern approach. HbbTV-based analytics are changing the way of measuring the audience.

Other interactive applications

Do you fancy Video-on-demand, TV portal or T-commerce? We can help you with development of different kinds of interactive TV applications for your network.

Integrate HbbTV application with your existing OTT/Mobile/Web solution or CRM system to manage subscriptions.

HbbTV applications

Calculate your Advertising Revenue!

Dive into Addressable TV advertising and create additional revenue stream. Select your daily reach, choose the right format and specify frequency cap. All the answer to your advertising revenue potential are one click away!

Do you want to start the interaction with your subscribers?

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