The company is implementing a project (operation) “Adding value (series of content stories)”, which is co-financed through a public tender “Promotion of creative cultural industries – Center for Creativity 2020” (JR CzK 2020).

The subject of the project is the cooperation between Castoola d.o.o. and the company Dobre zgodbe d.o.o. as a company operating in the sphere of culture.

With its solution, Castoola is establishing itself in the world of TV advertising technologies in the television segment. It is evolving from a start-up environment into an established global company.

The company Dobre zgodbe has already conducted a brand genome workshop with design management methods for the client in the earlier phases. Based on the conclusions and findings, Castoola redesigned the graphic image, and Dobre zgodbe created a system of message constants (basic copywriting). Based on additional analysis of the market and global competitors, Castoola also developed strategic guidelines for content communication on three platforms – trade fair events, face to face meetings, and digital channels (website, social networks).

The purpose of the project is cooperation, transfer of knowledge, and good practices of the company Dobre zgodbe to the company Castoola. The incentive for cooperation will have a positive impact on the positioning of the Castoola brand in the global market, and Dobre zgodbe will gain new insight into the TV industry and gain a new reference with a company running in international markets, not only in Slovenia.

The collaboration will soon bear fruit, as knowledge of Dobre zgodbe is even more important for the growth and development of Castoola.

With the growth of the Castoola company, we are hiring new employees from the local environment – Prekmurje, which is known for its statistically high unemployment rate. With the development of the platform, the need for the employment of programmers and sales and marketing associates is increasing.

With the proposed project, Castoola wants to upgrade the already set guidelines to the first season of educational content, as in the analysis of the market and competition it finds that the concepts and products of the “addressable TV” segment are not well developed and that the end consumer is not aware of the benefits in relation to linear television or digital platforms that offer on-demand content along with targeted ads.

A series of content stories with an educational note that will differentiate the client in the global market from the competition; stories are made modularly and are suitable as business announcements on Linkedin, independent content series on Youtube or Vimeo channel, presentation of content on fair screens, and combined as a corporate presentation of the client at business meetings, so that depending on the nature of the meeting all or only individual modules.

The total estimated value of co-financing is EUR 30,000.00.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund (