They Can Pose A Challenge To Monoliths

As mentioned earlier, if the addressable TV ads become more common and regular, the advertisers and other stakeholders will be able to break the stranglehold of today’s big players. However, this can happen only when there is an increase in multichannel campaigns across various alternatives (digital in nature). The campaigns should be with the help of a typical data lens. It also is about understanding the right addressable TV ad mix taking into account various customer profiles, needs, and requirements. Should this happen, it could be tough sailing for Google and Facebook who are right now facing a cakewalk without any opposition worth the name. If this happens the entire concept of Addressable TV will move from the drawing board stage and will explode within a short period of time.

The Final Word

One thing is clear. The addressable TV advertisement has well and indeed arrived. The next three to five years will see a gradual convergence between traditional TV ads and digital TV ads. Both will continue to grow, but evolution will happen only in the digital TV advertising space. While a correct and accurate timetable for addressable TV would be more of guesswork, the next five years will see digital advertising fighting a more even battle with conventional TV advertising. The change will occur because of the inherent benefits and advantages associated with addressable TV advertising.