Advertisers in the new post-corona era

In times of sensitivity, advertisers need to reshuffle their cards and take a close look at their existing messages. They should also look at their short and long-term strategies to deliver relevant and respectful messages to consumers.

Some of the predictions see a 60 percent increase in the number of TV spectators in the coming weeks and perhaps even months, although all live sporting events have been canceled (Olympic Games, UEFA 2020 championship, …). While media buyers are adjusting ADUs (Audience Deficiency Units) and shifting € to the best possible placements and platforms, all media budgets will have to be more responsible for business growth once this period of uncertainty is over.

So you have to invest in targeted and measurable advertising because budgets are allocated, and managers will demand each 1 € invested in receiving at least 1.01 € in return as revenue.

Advertisers will have to make up for the aborted impressions and lack of sports coverage in areas where the inventory is available- various networks and addressable and OTT strategies. To help brands and the industry during this time, agile collaboration on the sales side is required, leveraging their assets.

Now is the time to implement a cross-screen, household-based measurement solution that provides a timely view of how video impressions affect reach and business results. Their best practice is to collect all consumer data, especially how TV and when OTT has been consumed in recent weeks, to keep pace with this changing landscape.

Every € is more valuable than ever. Which will be beneficials in the short term:

This will enable advertisers, agencies, and platforms to navigate these troubled waters and stand out from the rest.