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We’re pleased to announce that Castoola has again earned a spot in Divitel’s respected 2023 Video Delivery Landscape. This in-depth resource provides an overview of the changing video delivery market, spotlighting significant brands, products, and businesses impacting the industry in 2023 and beyond. As a major participant in this sector, Castoola’s inclusion underlines our dedication to fostering innovation and shaping the future of video delivery.


Stay informed with the Video Delivery Landscape

In this much-anticipated update, you’ll find extensive information about the ever-changing video delivery technology market. It’s an essential tool for industry professionals, keeping them up to date about the significant market players and offering useful insights into market complexity.


Mastering the complexities of the industry

In the competitive industry today, professionals must use various tools and technologies to enhance their strategies and stay competitive. But it can be tough to navigate this complicated, fragmented environment. That’s where Divitel’s comprehensive guide can help.


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Video Delivery Landscape - Divitel
Video Delivery Landscape





Uncovering Opportunities in the Video Delivery Market

The Video Delivery Landscape provides a full view of the market. Hence it provides assistance to decision-makers in meeting the video delivery needs of TV operators and service providers. With shifting consumption trends and new players joining the market, it’s essential to understand the current market status.
Over time, the video delivery market has seen considerable changes due to shifting consumption trends and new market entrants. With the Video Delivery Landscape as your guide, you can navigate this dynamic market and adjust your strategies to take advantage of new opportunities and tackle challenges.


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Divitel is a reliable partner for video and TV services, committed to significantly improving profitability and efficiency in video delivery operations. By simplifying complex markets and developing robust video distribution solutions, Divitel helps its customers streamline processes across various platforms, from OTT to IPTV to DVB. With over two decades of focused experience in video delivery, Divitel offers practical troubleshooting, system integration, and operational services, all supported by a data-driven approach. To learn more about Divitel, click here.


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