Renault campaign

Country Turkey
TV Channel TV8
Type Interactive microsite



Total impressions


CTR (%)

Renault Megan Sedan campaign

Interactive advertising campaign in which advertiser was targeting audience from Turkey to promote new Renault Megan Sedan.

Viewers were served with the Switch-in banner and could press red button to enter the microsite with additional information about the car and get to the web page to book a test drive.

Other showcases

Raid the cage campaign
Interactive microsite
Country: Hungary
TV channel: TV2
First HbbTV advertising campaign in Hungary. Viewers of reality show “Raid the Cage” on the TV2 were able to press red button and play a game to enter the prize pool.
Coca Cola campaign
Switch-in Video & Microsite
Country: Austria
TV channel: Welt der Wunder TV
Programamatic HbbTV advertising campaign on Welt der Wunder TV for Coca Cola in cooperation with Goldbach Group.
NN Hayat ve Emeklilik
L-Banner & Microsite
Country: Turkey
TV channel: TV8
Addressable TV campaign on TV8 in whichthe client was targeting audience from Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.
Akbank campaign
Interactive microsite
Country: Turkey
TV channel: TV8
Programamatic HbbTV advertising campaign on TV8 for Akbank brand.

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