Castoola is proud to present the first commercial deployment of an interactive TV advertisement in Hungary. This case study reveals and describes the successful cooperation between the companies: Castoola, Momax, and Antenna Hungária.

This campaign presents the knowledge and expertise of HbbTV technology provider Castoola, which enabled TV viewers to experience interactive TV advertisement through a branded interactive microsite application accessible to viewers by a red button notification.

The interactive TV advertisement, sponsored by Momax, offered to viewers the unique possibility of playing a game with their remote control while watching a specific TV channel. By participating in a lottery for a prize of a Momax voucher, Momax ensured high brand awareness and a constant click-through rate, as well as a conversion rate during the whole six weeks of the campaign.

During the campaign, the viewers were coming back to the microsite multiple times and stayed in touch with the brand for a longer period, showed final measurements.

This confirms that Addressable TV is a next-generation advertising concept that enables advertisers to deliver personalized ads on top of the broadcast linear TV program. Advertisers are able to target different types of target groups based on their demographic, geographic, frequential, and timeframe properties, which results in both a higher conversion rate and brand awareness.

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