London, 8 – 9 December 2021

For the first time in two years, the global TV advertising industry will gather again at a live event. The Future of TV Advertising Global conference is one of the most important events in the world of TV advertising and Ad Tech. The conference will bring together global broadcasters, media, marketing agencies and technology pioneers. The main purpose of the event is to present different views on the development of TV advertising. And most importantly, to share knowledge, experiences and best practice. In conclusion, we will discuss the key challenges in the development of TV advertising in the coming years.

The event is a great opportunity to gain an exclusive insight into global trends and innovations in Advanced TV advertising. And furthermore to obtain knowledge and insights, which we will share after the event. Lectures and panels will reveal the opportunities and trends of TV advertising development in the future.


What information and new knowledge will the event offer?

  • Advertising opportunities on different platforms: advertising formats, targeting options and audience segmentation.
  • New technologies: HbbTV, Smart TV, Connected TV devices – business opportunities and necessary implementations for the best solutions.
  • How a changing TV landscape could impact where people watch content in future.
  • How we maximise the value of digital audiences and ensure cost-effective total reach when linear TV is no longer around.
  • How we master the art of forecasting, planning, optimising, measuring and reporting in a Total TV universe.
  • The data and identity solutions that will keep the addressable TV show on the road in a privacy-conscious, post-[third-party] cookie world.
  • The purpose of connected TV on the media plan and best practice in its utilisation.
  • Best practice in planning and executing addressable TV campaigns, with the focus on spectacular outcomes.
  • How we make household-level addressable TV advertising possible in every home, and which ‘ecosystems’ different television screens will belong to.
  • How are Smart TVs to become content aggregation hubs to rival ‘traditional’ Pay TV or free-to-air set-top boxes.


Key opportunities

The Future of TV Advertising Global is the only event in the world that is actually dedicated to TV and its future. Thus it offers valuable insights into the trends and opportunities of Addressable TV advertising.


Key speakers

OMD, Group M, RTL AdConnect, Roku, Finecast, SBS Belgium, Sky Media and many other eminent speakers.


What findings will Castoola present after the event?

After the event, Castoola’s team will share a summary of findings and trends, in addition to key summaries of lectures.

Find out more about The Future of TV Advertising Global here.