Think about your long-term strategy, do not wait, act

The longer-term effects of the consumer behavior caused by the virus and #stayathome are what you might have a little more time to plan for. As many advertisers are pulling out, this will mean an increase in supply and a softer market for them to negotiate in. The uncertainty will force advertisers to innovate. That means they should do it:

  • Prepare to quickly restart your marketing efforts and continue to innovate as needed.
  • Remember that precision is more important when budgets are smaller.
  • Establish more flexible relationships between the sales and purchasing sides to focus on business results.
  • Innovate and abandon the traditional tools that don’t serve you well in this accelerated, cross-screen world.

How will targeted TV advertising help advertisers and agencies to cross this river of doubt about advertising investment?

By personalizing advertising, viewers are presented with only the content that is most relevant to their preferences. It enables highly effective advertising with click rates that are significantly higher than those of regular TV advertising.

Targeted advertising is data-driven. This means that it takes into account the geolocation of viewers, responds to different interactive content, and takes into account different demographics.

Think about your long-term strategy, do not wait, act.